Can I Load my Cash App Card at Dollar General?

Established in 1929, Dollar General is one of America’s most popular chains of various stores. Here are customers can explore a wide range of brands at reduced prices. But in the past few years, Dollar General has become one spot point for many Cash App users. Why so? Because here, they can load money into their cash app card. Yes, this is a unique partnership between Square Cash and the general store- under which, in addition to easily accessing their money, users can top-up or load their account with ease. This is evident with the number of ways they put in place for this purpose. 

Users can load money into the Cash App card with a linked bank account or debit card. Others personally visit a store and ask a cashier at the register to process your request. So you had confusion on can I load money in the Cash App card at Dollar General, continue reading this blog, and understand the procedure and requirements. 

load my Cash App at Dollar General Store

How to load my Cash App at Dollar General Store? 

Whenever you are proceeding to load money in a Dollar General store or at any other store for that matter, you must make sure that your Cash App card has been activated and linked to a valid bank account. Then you have to present your Cash App card and money to the Dollar General cashier and request loading. For more clarity, here is the step by step method:

  • Find any Dollar General Store near you and visit the same.
  • Go to the Cash Counter and request to load the Cash Card.
  • Share your Cash App details like mobile number or $Cashtag with the executive. 
  • Pay the cash amount you wish to add to your Cash App card.
  • Once the process is complete, you may be asked to pay up to a $4 fee- for cash card loading services at the Dollar General store. 

How to ensure that the Cash App card was successfully loaded at Dollar General? 

After loading money into it, the cashier has returned your cash card; you must check your cash app card balance. This is very simple easy to check the balance. As you log into your Cash App account, you should see your available balance on the dashboard. 

Alternatively, you can check whether the money was loaded into a cash card or not in the transactions history. If you still can’t see the money, your cash card is not loaded. There is the possibility that sometimes cash app add cash failed due to some reasons. Let’s understand this in the next section.

Why did Cash App Add Cash fail at the Dollar General? 

There may be several reasons why you cannot load money into the Cash App card at the Dollar General store. For instance, when you load money into the cash app card, always check that your card has not expired and you have activated the card because it is a most basic requirement which complete. So the cash app add cash failed mainly due to an expired card, card not activated, or linked to a valid bank account. 

Where can I load my Cash App Card if not Dollar General?

So far, you have learned that it is very convenient to load money into the Cash App card at the Dollar General store. But is there any other option where you can load money into your cash app card?

You will be so happy to know that many other popular department stores offer cash app card loading services. So here is the list of some stores where you can load money on a Cash App card:

  • Walmart
  • Walgreen 
  • 7-Eleven Store
  • CVS
  • Target
  • Family Dollar 
  • Rite Aid


Q: How do I load my cash app card?

A: You can load money in a Cash App card by linking a valid bank account or debit card. Alternatively, you can visit stores such as CVS, Dollar General, and Walmart and get money loaded into your cash app card. 

Q: Where can I use my cash app card?

A: You can use the cash app card at all the retail stores, and a Visa card is accepted. 

Q: Can I load my cash app card at Walmart?

A: Yes, you can load a cash app card at Walmart, walk into the store, and go to the cash counter. Here meet the cashier and follow the instructions to add money to the cash app card. 

Q: How to check the Cash App card balance after loading money into it?

A: It is quite simple to check the cash app card balance; you have to simply open the app and click on the $ sign on the dashboard- here, you can see the cash app balance.