Why Cash App Down & Payments Pending?

[(909) 413 0027] Cash App is one of the most popular mobile payments app in the United States and the UK. With more than 24 million users in March 2020, Cash App has experienced some of the worst outages since the beginning of this year. Just in the month of January this year, there were 8 incidents of Cash App Down across the United States. 

Why Cash App Down

In February, Cash App was down 6 times and now in the month of March, it has already been 4 times that the Cash App outages have occurred, one recent being on Oct 17. On Oct 17, many customers were unable to activate their Cash App Cash Card on the app. The server was preventing customers to process the Cash Card activation procedure on the Cash App mobile app. 

We understand that the Cash App has been working effortlessly towards making the app function smoothly but with such a huge amount of users, there are times when such technical issues arise and make the app crash down. At this time customers usually start reporting the issue online on forums and discussions complaining that “Cash App is not working”, “Cash App is Down”, “Cash App Failed”, “Cash App Crashed Down” etc. 

However, there may be some other common problems that may stop you from using your Cash App. here are some common troubleshooting tips that you can check to resolve your problem before complaining about Cash App Down issue:

#1. Please check if your device is connected to a strong internet connection or not. Cash App does not work in offline mode and requires a very strong internet connection to function smoothly. 

#2. If you are making transactions through your bank and keep facing server issues then chances are high that your bank’s server might be down. You should confirm this server issue with your bank before making any transaction. 

#3. Cash App may not work properly if the company is carrying out routine maintenance work on their server. You should avoid making any transactions during such events and wait until the Cash App starts functioning properly. 

#4. Sometimes the APN settings of your SIM card may not be correct. Make sure it is correct and then try to connect to the internet. 

#5. If nothing seems to work then try to take your SIM card out and then insert back to your mobile device and then restart it. This may help you in connecting to the internet and functioning the app smoothly. 

#6. If nothing works then contact the Cash App customer support for further information or wait for some time to resolve the issue on its own.     

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