Teenagers Can Now Use Cash App: How to set up a minor’s account?

Cash App is a digital payment app that allows for quick money transfers via mobile app. With all the advancement in technology and higher access to fast-speed internet in this generation, having a convenient way to transfer money to one another has already become a necessity. So keeping this in mind, Cash App has recently allowed teenagers to access its services. Until now, Cash App has only been available to adults aged 18 and older. Now teenagers aged 13-19 can also use Cash App with parental oversight. 

Teenagers Can Now Use Cash App

Many features are available to teenagers; they can easily send and receive money to and from each other, receive discounts on some purchases, and use their cash cards to pay for goods at selected businesses. However, to access all these services, teens will need to enter their guardian’s information when signing up for a card or sending a peer to peer to payment from their account. In fact, teens have only authorized users of cash app account and the legal owner is still their parent or guardian. 

So all those who ask, can I ask to use the Cash App if I am under 18? And if you are a parent and want that your teenage son or daughter wants to use the cash app. Then, it must be too much incredible to hear this news. Additionally, you can get more insights on Cash App for teenager rules and how to create a Cash App account for a teenager.

How to make a Cash App account for a teenager? 

Cash App is available for free for all its users. However, there are certain conditions for creating an account- the application requires an ID to prove that the holder is of legal age. You have to be 18 to sign-up for an account. But that that no longer the case, as now Cash App is allowing teenagers to access a Cash App account. 

For such an account the parental authority is a must. So now the question is how to create an under 18 account on Cash App. Here I outline all the required steps that you need to take:

  • Go to the App Store and Google Play Store and download Cash App.
  • Register for a free account by entering your email address or a phone number to receive a verification code.
  • Input your debit card details or your guardian’s
  • Create a user name $Cashtag ID and add your zip code
  • Next, request a cash card or attempt to send a peer-to-peer payment; the app will prompt you to verify the identity.
  • If you create an account for a 13 to 17-year-old, you will be asked to put a parent or guardian’s email, phone number, or $Cashtag username. 
  • Wait unless the cash app verifies this data and approves the request. 

How much can a teenager send or receive with a Cash App account?

Teens, like other users, can easily send or receive money via Cash App. They can also get a cash app card and customize it by choosing a color, adding stamps, drawing on it, and creating a $Cashtag ID. Once your Cash App account is approved, you can send, receive and request up to $1000 in payment every 30 days through Cash App. Moreover, you are eligible to add up to $7500 a month in the cash app balance and cash out up to $25,000 once a week. 

Are there any restrictions for teenage Cash App account? 

Of course, Cash App has placed some restrictions on account for teens under 18. Although under-18 users on Cash App can send or receive money quickly, there is no free reign for them, and they are barred from using some key features of the app. These include trading bitcoin and accessing the investing, borrow, paper-money, and check deposit. Above all, the Cash App cards for teenagers are also a bit different regarding rules. 

To be more precise, the cash card with this account cannot be used at liquor stores, bars, nightclubs, hotels, casinos, and other spots. If your teenage child uses the cash app, don’t worry because this account is under your supervision. You can approve or reject the transaction and an extra layer of security for the services.