Cash App Gift Card: How do I add a Gift Card to Cash App?

Cash App does not allow users to add a gift card. There is no provision of adding the gift card to the Cash App. However, it allows MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Visa Card. There may be several other payment apps that allow users to add a gift card for payment and discounts on shopping. But, currently, Gift cards are not applicable as payment options for the Cash App.

Gift Card to Cash App

People ask questions like can I add a gift card to Cash App? How to use Cash App Gift Cards and other queries related to the gift card. You will know here whether you can link a VISA gift card or not as a payment method with Cash App. Read the following information carefully and understand the gift cards compatibility with Cash App.

Can I add a Gift Card to Cash App?

Unfortunately, Cash App has no such facility where users can add a gift card. Users can add VISA Debit Card, Master Card and other banks Debit Card to the Cash App. There is some government prepaid card also which users may link with the Cash App. As far as prepaid cards are concerned, users cannot add such cards with Cash App.

Several stores offer prepaid cards to their customers as a promotional and marketing strategy. They offer huge discounts on shopping and reward points which users can redeem later. Users cannot use such prepaid cards with Cash App.

However, the gift card or prepaid card that you receive on your e-mail from the government or government-approved organization may work with Cash App.

Is there a Cash App Gift Card?

Cash App offers a prepaid debit card that users can use for online as well as offline shopping. One can withdraw money using a Cash App card. Cash App enables users to perform digital transactions whether, it is sending money, receiving payments, or withdrawing money from ATMs. There are several other services that one can enjoy with Cash App. 

As far as Cash App Gift card is concerned, Cash App neither has a gift card nor it allows users to add any prepaid gift card with it. Users can use Cash App card and bank debit card with Cash App for different payments. 

Can you link a Gift Card to Cash App?

Currently, you are not eligible to link a gift card to Cash App as there is no such provision. Users can not add balance using a prepaid card or gift card. 

Cash App allows users to link a Visa Debit card, MasterCard, and any other bank debit card. Users can also use Cash App Debit Card for payments or withdrawal of money. However, users need to maintain balance in the Cash App account. 

Although, users cannot transfer money from a gift card to Cash App directly. But, there are some alternate options, which one can use for sending gift card balance to Cash App account. The information on how one can use gift card balance with Cash App is given below.

How to transfer money from Gift Card to Cash App?

It is already mentioned above that one cannot transfer money from Gift Card to a Cash App account directly. Cash App does not allow linking or transfer of money from a gift card to Cash App. However, several other payment applications allow users to send money from a gift card to their wallet. Go through the following instructions and understand how one can use other payment applications to get money on Cash App from a gift card:

1.   Use PayPal for transferring money from gift card to PayPal wallet. PayPal is a widely popular payment app that allows various prepaid, postpaid and gift cards.

2.  Open your PayPal account and go to the concerned tab.

3.  Enter the merchant name and the amount available on the gift card.

4.  Now, tap on the Get Offer and follow the prompts.

5.  For example, if you are getting $50 after exchanging the gift card. Tap the amount, and select PayPal Express as a payment mode.

6.  Provide your gift card number, PIN and proceed.

7.  Tap on ‘Get My PayPal Balance’. The amount will be transferred to your PayPal Wallet.

8.  After that, transfer the money from the wallet to the linked bank account.

9.  Now, add money from that bank account to Cash App using a bank debit card.

This is the only way how users can redeem a gift card balance to the Cash App account. However, there are chances that Cash App may allow users to use gift cards also in the future. Till then, one should use other payment applications for using gift card money with Cash App.

How to buy gift cards on Cash App?

Go to your Cash App mobile app or visit Cash App official website and open your account. Now, search gift card or prepaid card to buy. Certainly, you will not find any such offer or link where you can buy gift cards. Though, you can use Cash App card balance for buying Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal gift cards. 

Users can use their Cash App card on all platforms where VISA and MasterCard are applicable. Hence, you can use your Cash App card balance to buy a gift card from other payment apps.

How do I add a gift card to Cash App?

If you are wondering how to add a gift card to Cash App, or can I add a Visa Gift card to Cash App? Here you can find the answer. The answer is NO. One cannot add a gift card to Cash App. There is no such feature that enables users to transfer the gift card balance to a Cash App account. At present, no Visa gift card or prepaid card is allowed with Cash App.

However, there may be some government-approved prepaid cards, which Cash App may allow to link. The steps to add a valid card are given below.

It is important to specify here that before adding a new card, you must remove the previous card from the Cash App. Check the following steps to learn how to add a government-approved gift card or prepaid card that Cash App allow:

  • Run your Cash App payment app on your phone.
  • Go to the banking section or My Cash tab.
  • Click on the linked debit card and tap the three-dot button.
  • Now, delete or remove the existing card.
  • Click on Add debit card and enter your prepaid card number, CVV, and expiry date etc.
  • Visit the balance tab and tap add money for transferring funds from Card to Cash App account. 

Do gift cards work on Cash App?

Usually, no gift card is compatible with the Cash App payment application. Users cannot use any gift card for sending money, payment of services and for any other use on Cash App. However, there are exceptions in some cases. Cash App users may add some government enabled gift cards for adding money or transferring funds. In general, gift cards do not work on Cash App.

Final Remarks

There are no options for adding a gift card or prepaid card with Cash App. One cannot use the gift card for sending payments or purchases with Cash App.

Generally, Visa gift cards are non-reloaded prepaid cards, and one cannot use them like a debit card. However, users have an alternate method to transfer funds from a gift card to other payment apps like PayPal. 

Therefore, you can transfer that money from PayPal to your bank account and then your bank account to the Cash App account.

The conclusion is Cash App does not allow users to add or link gift cards or prepaid cards directly. One may try other options to use gift card funds as per the information given above.