When do users receive notifications from Cash App? How turn off or on?

We all get many notifications through digital payment applications in our day-to-day life like email notifications, unlimited offers, Uber notifications etc. Similarly, Cash App also communicates with its users via notifications. There are three forms of these alerts: push notifications, emails, or text messages. All of these are sent for different purposes. 

For instance, whenever you have sent a payment to someone Cash App, you will be notified via text messages or email. However, you will have to enable it on your mobile application to receive notification from Cash App. If you don’t know anything about push notification, you can learn everything about it here in this blog. So without further ado, let’s learn to activate/deactivate cash app notifications. 

What are the different types of Cash App notifications?

What are the different types of Cash App notifications? 

There are different types of notifications from Cash App sent to users- push notifications, emails, or text messages. Above all, these notifications are sent for different purposes- for successful payments, pending charges, reminders, news, updates, boost offers etc. The most important alert on Cash App is push notifications which are nothing but a message sent by Cash App on your device. 

How to activate push notifications on Cash App?

If you are not receiving any notifications from Cash App for transactions you make or anything else, then it means you have not activated push notifications on Cash App. So you must turn on the Cash App notifications by taking the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the Cash App on your phone and sign in to your account
  • Now click on the Profile icon on your app’s home screen 
  • Here scroll down and tap on the third option notifications
  • To tun on the notifications from Cash App, hit on the Push Notification button

How to disable push notifications from Cash App?

After enabling the notifications on Cash App- if you find these alerts frustrating, you have the option to deactivate them. You can turn off push notifications for the Cash App by un-checking the box. Follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to the Open Cash App
  2. Tap the profile icon in the upper-right corner.
  3. Click on Notifications
  4. Uncheck the Push Notifications Box.

How turn on/off Cash App notifications from the mobile setting? 

You can also turn off or on Cash App notifications from your mobile’s settings, regardless of whether you have an Android or iOS device. Follow these steps for activating/deactivating notifications from mobile settings: 

  • Start by going to the settings section of your smart phone.
  • Click on the button ‘Apps and notifications’ or Applications.
  • Once you’re in the Applications menu, search for Cash App.
  • After opening Cash App in mobile settings, tap on Notifications. Turn on/off Cash App Notification
  • Here, you can now choose which notifications you wish to disable and whatnot in the Cash App. You can also disable all notifications from the Cash App.
  • Turn on/off Cash App Notification. This is it. You can now get rid of all notifications from the Cash App.

Bottom line

We talked about the three types of Cash App notifications: push and email. We also discussed how to turn on/off these notifications and protect and stay updated about their activities in Cash App through these alerts.