Cash App Pending: How do I Receive Cash App Pending Payment?

Cash App Payment Pending indicates that the recipient has not yet received the payment. The initial transaction requires Cash App waiting to complete the payment and requires you to manually accept the payments under the “Pending” tab. The recipient can accept or reject the pending payment of the Cash App.

Does the money deduct from your Cash App or bank account?

Reading this will also aid you to locate the root of the problem that is leading to your pending transactions. When you choose to settle payment through the Cash App, transactions become available almost instantly. However, in rare cases sometimes it may show up as pending payment.

While you transfer payment and it is not credited to your friend. Alternatively, you get a message that your transaction is “pending”.

If the payment you sent is pending, it means that the recipient has not received it. If this has happened to you, don’t panic because it can be resolved.

As mentioned above, Cash App payments are usually available immediately in most cases.

According to “” website, it says that “If a payment is showing up as pending, it may mean that an effort is required on your part and you need to use your Activity Feed to process the payment.” You need to follow the steps mentioned in Cash App Payment Pending.

Cash App payment pending

Do you know why your Cash App payment is pending?

Your Cash App payment may be pending because the transactions are not yet fully processed. For example, it may be because an online payment service holds money in some cases, it detects fraudulent transactions. You’ll need to follow the steps in your Activity Feed to complete.

Cash App can keep your money pending if it appears that your account has been compromised and there are ways to expedite the release of funds and complete the payment.

What does pending mean on Cash App? 

When Cash App Transactions says Pending, it means that your Cash App transaction has not been accepted by the recipient or not. However, it can also mean that there are site-wide issues and indicate some problem with the server, and it not responding simultaneously. There could be several reasons why your payment is pending. Therefore, we could not provide a one-off solution as each has its problems.

We will outline all possible reasons why it is pending and how to complete the payment.

This is why Cash App itself doesn’t list a troubleshooting guide, but rather a statement “Follow the steps outlined in your activity feed to complete the payment.” This is quite vague but makes sense as each has its issue.

Reasons behind your payment are pending on Cash App:-

Why Cash App Says Pending? Firstly, this could be due to a security issue with your account. All you need to do is follow any of the steps specifically mentioned in your Activity Feed to resolve the issue.

For example, there is a cash permission limit of up to $250 to be sent in any 7 days and up to $1,000 to be received within any 30 days for unverified accounts.

If you try to send or receive payments that exceed those limits, you will be asked to increase those limits by verifying your account and all payments sent during that limitation period may be in pending status before resetting.

If we assume that this is not the issue and everything is within limits, then it could be from the technical end and you have some kind of connectivity issues, insufficient balance, and other limitations to process payments on time.

The best way to Receive pending payments on Cash App:-

First of all, Open the Cash app on your phone. Next, Go to the “Activity” tab from the clock icon in the lower-right corner of your screen. Just below the “Pending” tab, you will see all the pending transactions. An accept button will be shown with green color next to the pending payments. And in the end click “Accept” to accept the pending payment and get the money in your Cash App Wallet.

When you select Accept, a pop-up will appear on your screen asking you to confirm that you want to receive payment from the user. Select the “Confirm” button from the bottom of the screen. Click “Done” to accept the pending payment on Cash App.

Also, read about “how long does it take for pending payment on Cash App”

Cash App pending payment usually takes a few minutes to days. There is no fixed time limit. For pending direct deposits on Cash App, direct deposit payments are usually processed between 4-5 working days. In the case of PayPal, if your PayPal money is pending, it is because the online payment service is holding your money in some cases. In some cases, PayPal may hold your funds for up to 21 days.

The same concept can be applied here, as pending payments for security and suspicious activities will require you to confirm your identity which may take a few days to verify your account. In the case that it is pending for a mild cause, it usually lasts from a few minutes to an hour. If you are still pending after resolving the issues mentioned in your feed, you can contact Cash App Live Support.

If you want to cancel pending transactions on Cash App, you can, may be able to cancel a pending transaction. If you have gone through all the troubleshooting guides and solutions provided by them but still cannot find the solution.

However, cancellation options may be available on receipt for pending payments and in some cases, they may not be available, in that case, you need to wait. Do not resend your transaction if your Cash App is pending. But I do not recommend sending money just because the transaction is pending. If the payment goes through, you can send double. Either cancel, get a refund and resend it.

Resending could result in a double withdrawal and put you in an even more uncomfortable position than before. If this is something you can’t wait for Cash App to resolve the issue, just cancel the transaction and try to send it again.

When you are resending, it is recommended to use another method of payment and even the cancellation process may take some time to resolve.

So, take your time and when everything is set, resend the funds, not before canceling the previous transaction.