How to track a Cash App card? Report the missing and lost Cash App Card

Cash App is one of the most popular peer-to-peer digital payment apps, and since its launch in 2013, Cash App has introduced a lot of new features for its users. One such exciting service is the Cash App card, a virtual debit card that allows users to send and receive payment anywhere VISA is accepted. And as per the recent statement by the company from its 30 million users, around 7 million own a Cash App card. That’s a whole lot of a number, and it can go missing or be stolen just like any other card. 

How to track a Cash App card?

Suppose you have recently got your cash card and loved it functioning- but what if you lost the Cash App card? Will you be able to track it? You are not alone. This has been the query of many users on Cash App: how to track a Cash App card? Continue reading this blog and find answers to all the cash card-related queries. 

Is there a chance of tracking a lost Cash App Card? 

No, the Cash App is not traceable; unlike devices such as mobile phones, which are connected with the GPS, it is impossible to track a cash card. If you have lost the cash card and want to locate it via tracking, you will be disappointed because there is no way to track your Cash App card physically. Although there are smart chips in the cash card, envy cannot help you track and retrieve your card. 

So the only way left is to block the Cash App card immediately and order a new one. You have to take a few simple steps and block the Cash App card when stolen or lost. But before you move to block the cash card, you must check the transaction history of your cash app account. 

How to track your Cash App Card transaction? 

To make sure that you have made the payment correctly, you need to track the card. Unlike other mobile payment methods, the Cash App does not have any history. You can look up your transaction history by tapping on the ‘Activity’ button on the app’s home screen. Transactions are labeled with the payment method used. To review the payments, tap the ‘Cash App’ tab on the home screen and click on ‘Payments.’ You can also download or print this statement if you need to prove your identity.

How to report if your Cash App Card is missing or was stolen?

If you suspect that your card is missing or you’ve lost it, you can disable it by pressing ‘Disable.’ This prevents other people from using it. Following are the steps that you need to take to disable a cash card:

  1. Open the Cash App on your mobile phone 
  2. Click on the Cash Card icon 
  3. Select on your Cash Card’s image
  4. Then hit the “Disable Cash Card” button

Disabling the cash card is a good option if you have lost it and are currently not using it. And the good thing is that you turn it on in the future. Alternatively, you can block your card permanently if your card is stolen. 

How to report if the Cash App Card is stolen?

You need to take the steps mentioned below to report the cash card if it is stolen:

  • Open the Cash App and click on the Cash Card icon 
  • Tap on your Cash Card’s image 
  • Then select the option of Problem with Card
  • Select the Card Stolen 
  • At last, enter your PIN or touch ID to confirm your identity. 

How to Order a Cash App Card?

After blocking your cash app card, you must order a new one. You can order a Cash App card with the help of the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open your Cash App 
  2. Click on the Cash Card 
  3. Then select the option of “Get free Cash Card.”
  4. Tap the chosen color and click “Continue.”
  5. After this, you must customize your card
  6. Select the color of your card
  7. And fill in all the required details