Cash App Mobile Check Deposit: What Is It? How does it Work?

Mobile Check Deposit is a remarkable feature of the Cash App. Cash App users can deposit Checks directly in the Cash App wallet. It is a convenient way to cash out electronic checks without visiting the Bank. Users have to capture the electronic check from the phone camera for further processing on Cash App. The Cash App will examine the details given on the check and after due analysis, Cash App will accept or decline your Check. It is the fastest or convenient procedure to process checks on Cash App.

mobile check deposit Cash App

The detailed information about Mobile Check Deposit on Cash App and all relevant information have been provided here in this article. 

How does mobile check deposit Cash App work?

  • First of all, the users should ensure that they are using an updated version of the Cash App.
  • To receive the electronic check on Cash App, you must have enabled the direct deposit service. 
  • Allow the mobile camera to read files, time, location, and any other information and capture the paper check.
  • There should be proper light while capturing the photo, so that camera can take a clear picture of Check.
  • Cash App will assess the information given on Check and accordingly, it will be processed.

Can I submit mobile check on Cash App?

Of course, you can submit a check on Cash App. However, you must have a verified Cash App account. Cash App users can take benefits of the direct deposit feature of the Cash App to receive paycheck directly on Cash App account. However, one should keep the following things in mind while depositing the Check on Cash App:

  • The Check should be clean and properly signed by the owner.
  • It must be payable in US dollars only.
  • The applicant should possess the hard copy of the original check till the final settlement.
  • The date must be mentioned on the check. Check without date or postdated, will be rejected.
  • The check should not be submitted earlier in any bank/ financial institution. 
  • The check submitted by the applicant must be as per the prescribed laws. Violation of any law may lead to rejection and further consequences. 

Further, you can check more information about eligibility criteria for cash App mobile deposit on the official website of Cash App.

How to deposit a check on Cash App?

The Mobile Check Capture feature is widely popular and it has benefited millions of Cash App users. It is the easiest way to deposit money in an account from a check. Here you can find step by step guide to cash out a paper check into your account:

  1. Check Cash App Details

First, you should ensure that Cash App is updated. Secondly, check your mobile number and e-mail address are correct in the Cash App account. 

  • Capture the photo of Check

Give Cash App permission to read phone content. Capture a clear phone of the electronic check. Sometimes, blurred or poor-quality images may lead to the decline of Cash App mobile check deposits. Hence, try to capture a good quality picture.

  • Read Particulars of the Check

Once the photo is captured, read all the crucial information given on the Check. Ensure all the particulars are correct and visible. The electronic check consists of information like name, account number, and bank name, etc. If you find all is OK, proceed further.

  • Submit the electronic check

After checking all the information, submit the check on Cash App. Remember, you must keep the original copy of the check for future reference if required. Sometimes, if the check is rejected on Cash App, you have to produce the original check before the Bank for further processing.

  • Examination of the Check by Cash App

Now, Cash App will read all the available on the Check and user account. As per the assessment, if everything is in order, Cash App may clear your electronic check. the amount will reflect in your Cash App balance.

However, if there is something wrong with Check details, the cash App may reject the transaction. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the original check with you for further processing.

  • Deposit of Check in Cash App Account

The Cash App team after due analysis of the record and information will send a confirmation notification to the user on e-mail or Cash App notification link. Usually, Cash App takes 1 to 3 business days to process the check after the confirmation message. However, if Cash app direct deposit is pending, it might take at least two weeks to clear.

Note: The Cash App has all rights reserved to reverse the decision of electronic check processing. It is always important to keep the original check with you. Once, the amount is credited to your account, you can destroy the check. 

Why my mobile check deposit is declined?

There may be the following possible reasons for a decline of Cash App mobile checks:

  • You might have an old cash App version, which is processing the tasks properly.
  • Overwriting on the paycheck may lead to rejection.
  • A blurred or unclear picture of the check was captured. 
  • Poor internet speed may affect the transaction.
  • Incorrect procedure to scan check on Cash App
  • Any other problem like the server issue or technical glitch may affect the processing of a Check on Cash App.
  • Users can seek help from the Support Team on Cash App if required.

How long does Cash App mobile check deposit take?

Cash App takes 1 to 3 business days to process mobile check deposit.

However, it depends on the timings of your check deposit. If you submit a check on Cash App before 4.00 PM on a business day, it will be submitted on the same date for further processing. 

But, if you submit a check after 4.00 PM or on Saturdays, Sundays, and federal holidays, it will be submitted for processing on the next business day.